Chicago League of Lady Arm Wrestlers X
July 2, 2011
Joe's on Weed Street, Chicago, IL

The Chicago League of Lady Arm Wrestlers celebrated America, Freedom, Truth, Justice, and strong-armed lady arm wrestling in its 10th bout: CLLAW X: Red, White and Bruised.  Seventeen wrestlers, both returning veterans and a slew of new talent, competed for the honor to wear the CLLAW sash and crown.  Monica Panzarino kicked off the event, performing "The Star-Spangled Banner" with the aid of  “The Nipulator”, her custom-built, wireless electronic bra.  The bra uses hardware potentiometers (or knobs), an Arduino microcontroller, and a Max/MSP software patch to process Panzarino's voice in real-time.  The right "nipple" of the bra manipulates the frequency of Panzarino’s voice, while the left "nipple" adds reverb.

Video: Monica Panzarino, in collaboration with Crispin Rosenkranz
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