2019, 4:12, SD video

In this video, Panzarino performs Barbra Streisand’s version of “Memory”, the signature show tune from the musical “Cats.” Panzarino’s voice is processed by “The Nipulator 2.0”, a custom-built, wireless electronic bra created by the artist that uses hardware potentiometers (or knobs), a hacked DJ Hero microcontroller, and a Max/MSP software patch.  The left "nipple" of the bra manipulates the frequency of her voice in real-time, while the right "nipple" adds reverb. In the background, we see VHS footage shot by Panzarino from the World Trade Center observation deck in October 2000. In Memory, Panzarino (who grew up in lower Manhattan) pays homage to the pre-9/11, pre-internet culture New York City of her youth.

Public Exhibitions/Screenings:


Chicago Underground Film Festival, The Logan Theatre, Chicago, IL