Live Studio Audience
2012, 14 CRT television monitors, milk crates, curtains, Apple MacBook Pro, Apple monitor to s-video adaptor, other various adaptors, distribution amplifiers, RCA cables, 1/8" mini cable, cable ties, power strips, power cords, microphone, four performers
DFBRL8R Performance Art Gallery, Chicago, IL

Live Studio Audience is an interactive video installation that took place on six evenings in April 2012 at DFBRL8R Performance Art Gallery in Chicago, IL.  The piece inhabited DFBRL8R’s “Electrodes”- the gallery’s two street-facing window spaces.  Milwaukee Avenue’s passersby were invited to speak or sing into a golden microphone by four performers (Becky Grajeda, Erica Gressman, Cassandra Jackson, and Monica Panzarino) dressed as television talk show hosts.  The participants' voices activated a video loop displayed on 14 golden televisions behind the glass windows. The video loop on the CRT television monitors portrayed a small group of female “audience members” (Lindsay Denniberg, Becky Grajeda, Erica Gressman, Cassandra Jackson, Monica Panzarino, and Courtney “Bird” Ziegler) who turn toward the camera and clap vigorously.  The louder the participant spoke or sang, the faster the video looped, as the background of the video cycled through a series of vivid colors.

Photos: Cassandra Jackson & Monica Panzarino