Tweak Me
2011, dress form, "The Nipulator" electronic bra, nine CRT television monitors, nine painted 2x4 wooden blocks, Apple Mac Mini, keyboard, mouse, Apple monitor to s-video adaptor, other various adaptors, three distribution amplifiers, RCA cables, 1/8" mini cable, cable clips, cable staples, cable ties, power strips, power cords
Sullivan Galleries, Chicago, IL

Tweak Me is an interactive video installation presented as part of Panzarino's Master of Fine Arts thesis exhibition at the Sullivan Galleries in Chicago, IL.  "The Nipulator", Panzarino's custom-built, wireless electronic bra, was displayed on a black dress form at the center of a small room.  The show's attendees were invited to interact with the bra by three 25' long RCA cables affixed to the wall that spelled out the words "tweak me."  Nine CRT television monitors were placed in a semicircle on the floor below, each displaying a video of performers Emilie Crewe, Becky Grajeda, and Monica Panzarino singing a freestyled "melisma" technique.  When participants twisted the left "nipple" (hardware potentiometer, or knob) of the bra, a section of the video of either Crewe, Grajeda, or Panzarino was looped.  When participants twisted the right "nipple" of the bra, the loop sped up or down, and reverb was added to the audio of the performer singing.  Monica Panzarino Sings The Star-Spangled Banner was also presented as part of Panzarino's Master of Fine Arts thesis exhibition.

Photos: Sarah Condo
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