Waveforms: New Dialogue
November 20, 2009
Heaven Gallery, Chicago, IL

Waveforms: New Dialogue was a group exhibition presented by the SAIC Sound Department that featured a collection of works by artists exploring a new subject or medium.  The exhibition asked you to "expand your voice, learn the language of a new people, and to have a conversation you haven't had before, or in a way you haven't before."  Monica Panzarino presented Faking the Band, a performance piece in which she uses five A/B video switchers and five CRT television monitors to electronically “conduct” recordings of five “musicians” (Joey Carr, Ryan Dunn, Tom McCormack, Dorian McKaie, and Crispin Rosenkranz).  The evening's other performers included Joey Carr, Ben Chaffee, Bethany Childs and Rebecca Simmons, Ryan Dunn, Joseph Grimm, Joseph Kramer, Aaron David Ross, and Michael ValleraWaveforms: New Dialogue also included installations by Chris Bradley, Ryan Dunn, Joseph Grimm, Dorian McKaie, and Kim Walker.