2nd Signal Culture Residency

My second Signal Culture artist's residency is a wrap, and I had an amazing, productive stay in Owego.  I worked on a new video called Mammaries in which I perform Barbra Streisand's "The Way We Were" while manipulating my voice using "The Nipulator 2.0."  The image in Mammaries is processed using the Dave Jones Colorizer and the black & white Wobbulator built by Jason Bernagozzi.  I also processed some older VHS footage using the black & white Wobbulator and the Dave Jones Frame Buffer for the upcoming sequel to my 2010 video, I Wanna Be A Ship Captain.  This was my first Owego residency in the summertime (usually I'm there when there's like, seven feet of snow), so it was a nice change to take leisurely walks around town and get ice cream from Ice Cream Works.  It was also fun hanging with toolmakers-in-residence Jenn Figg & Matthew McCormack, and their adorable son, Xavier.  I'm really grateful to Signal Culture co-founders Jason Bernagozzi, Debora Bernagozzi, and Hank Rudolph for having me back, and for running this incredible gem of a media art organization.  Can't wait for my next visit!