I Wanna Be A Ship Captain
2010, 6:14, SD video

I Wanna Be A Ship Captain appropriates a found VHS tape with the same name from the mid 1990s.  In the tape, the career of the ship captain is glamorized and pitched to kids by an ambiguous entity; the military is never mentioned.  This reimagination of the tape employs the supercut editing technique to critique the desire for the American dream.

Public Exhibitions/Screenings:


This is not a ROBOT Film Festival, Orizontas Gegonoton, Athens, Greece

Pári Mpé Nimer Siuxyin, Lavamoatumbá, Bogotá, Colombia


Frequency FridaysThe Fuse Factory Electronic and Digital Arts Lab, Columbus, OH


The Niche in the Fine Arts LibraryUniversity of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA


LOOSE CONTROL: Video Work by Monica PanzarinoThe Nightingale Theater, Chicago, IL