3rd Signal Culture Residency

Earlier this month I rang in the new year at my 3rd Signal Culture residency! It was great to be back in Owego. I really enjoyed getting to know researcher-in-residence Jennifer Cook and I finally tried the delicious pizza at John Barleycorn! Thankfully, Dave Jones, Brian Murphy, and Hank Rudolph saved me from going too hard on the ghost pepper flakes. My residency was super productive! I made a new video called Memory using Signal Culture’s green screen, my electronic bra, “The Nipulator”, and a stack of CRTs I brought from home. Also, I finally got to process some I Wanna Be A Ship Captain 2 footage that I shot in Chicago using the b&w Wobbulator, Dave Jones Frame Buffer, Dave Jones Colorizer, and a combination of oscillators. As always, I’m so grateful to Jason Bernagozzi, Debora Bernagozzi, and Hank Rudolph for the opportunity, and for running Signal Culture, which is an incredibly unique and vital media art organization (and community) that means so much to so many.